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2004 Alcoa Global Safety Award

Shell Contractor Safety Award

QENOS Contractor Safety Award



Also known as Western Sheet Metal Insulation and Asbestos Removal, WSM has been operating for 25 years.

WSM celebrates 25 years

April, 29 2016

Published by:

Mick Svaljek

WSM commenced operating from a small workshop based in Bell Park, with Steve Svaljek and his sons Tom and Mick. 


They started by supplying different sheetmetal products to various local businesses in the Geelong region. 


Word quickly grew on the businesses quick response times and quality of workmanship. From there the business grew rapidly, the first major project was at McCain’s Foods Ballarat, involving  demolition of old piping, replacing new piping and installing new insulation and cladding.


Over the next 6 months WSM won contracts with Shell Refinery and Alcoa in Geelong. 


The business was well established going into its second year of operation, when the Lara premises was opened. From this location, WSM manufactured all types of sheetmetal and specialised engineering materials. 


WSM had many major projects interstate as well, both in Western Australia and Queensland, establishing operations on Melbourne and Warrnambool in quick succession. From here the business has continued to grow and expand into other areas of services, notably scaffolding and plumbing, with both divisions supplying very effective and professional services both within Victoria and interstate.


The WSM team wish to thank their families, suppliers, contractors and clients for their ongoing support and loyalty as the company enters into a new era providing world class services.



Image: Tom and Mick Svaljek accompanied by Hon. Jeff Kennet (Premier of Victoria at the time) and Tasco company directors.

APA Brooklyn Project

April, 4 2016

Published by:

Tom Svaljek

Concluding in March 2016, the APA Brooklyn site was completed by WSM in a safe and cost effective manner.


WSM area manager Allan oversaw the project with a small team of WSM personnel consisting of Michael, Malcolm, Andy, Brett, Dave and Brad


Over the period of two months the project focused on providing scaffolding access and insulation/cladding of the pipe spools at the site. The works where completed on budget and all specification requirements were meet, with a quality outcome.


WSM have also been requested to undertake other works on site by APA which is an endorsement to all who participated in the project.

Allan Harris Retirement

March, 30, 2016

Published by:

Tom Svaljek

After 21 years in service Allan Harris has retired from WSM.


Al commenced working with Western Sheetmetal on the 20th March 1995, coming on board as a sheetmetal worker at our North Geelong workshop in Naughton Ave.

Allan quickly progressed to supervisor as he had the qualifications and skill sets to design and fabricate from start to finish and was well respected amongst his peers and the company owners.


In the early days Allan assisted many of the apprentices and he also enjoyed teaching his son Chris the trade, Allan always had time to show and educate them and at times it wasn’t only work related stuff.


Allan was the go to man for nearly most things in the workshop and always ensured that it was delivered on time even if he had to go and deliver or pick items up himself, no task was too difficult and if it needed doing Allan did it.

In 2006 WSM opened its 1st office in Melbourne and Allan was nominated to take on the role as area manager, with that Allan had also spent over 18 months building WSM premises at Macaulay St and the factory was recognised as one of the best in the area by the local council. During this period Allan assisted in developing lots of relationships with many of WSM clients and was always highly regarded for his support in getting the job done and providing quality outcomes.


Allan was not only an employee at WSM he was a highly respected individual and had  formed many friendships with his co-workers and company owners he was a part of the family in a big way. He had always a big presence and he would always deliver in a big way, when questioned about his golf or form on the racing or the football he would always answer with a fully detailed and analysed response and it always made good  for a laugh which Allan could only deliver. Over the period of 21 years at WSM Allan was never shy of doing any task and never complained about what was needed to be done, we can only wish Allan all the best in his retirement and thank him for his contribution at WSM and know that Allan will always be remembered as one of those that only come by one in a million.


Thanking you Allan.



ExxonMobil/Transfield - Alky Reactor

December, 20, 2015

Published by:

Tom Svaljek

Completed in December 2015 in partnership with Transfield services, the Alky Reactor Altona project took 6 weeks to complete in a joint effort by the WSM Asbestos Removal, Insulation and Sheetmetal divisions.


The project involved the removal of contaminated asbestos cloth and polystyrene insulations from the vessel and associated fittings. Once removed under strict control methods for asbestos removal, the reactor was inspected for any surface damage and painted. Once that process was completed, the WSM Insulation/Sheetmetal division applied a new insulation product called Pyrogel XT and covered with Venture clad around the reactor.

All works were then inspected under Exxon Mobil Inspection Test Plan requirements to ensure that the works met the required speciation standards.


The project team was led by our site Project Supervisor David Wall with a team of WSM asbestos removalists and sheet metal insulators. We had a total of 12 men in operations over the six-week program.


WSM provided a quick turnaround with a day and night shift crew working 24 hours around the clock for the 1st stage of removal work. All work was completed in a safe and efficient manner meeting all client requirements in the process.



Qenos-Resins Plant - Scaffolding project

February 5, 2016

Published by:

Mick Svaljek

The Qenos Resins Plant project was completed in December 2015 by the WSM Scaffolding Division.


Led by WSM Director and Scaffolding Divisions Manager Mick Svaljek and WSM Supervisor Paul Mahar, our Scaffold crew was recognised & rewarded by the client for their Excellent Performance undertaking very heavy workload between the peak period of October through to December.


A job well done completed on time and under budget and most importantly, while maintaining quality safety standards, during this very busy period.


Pictured at top: The WSM Scaffolding team, WSM Supervisor Paul Mahar and WSM Director and Scaffolding Divisions Manager Mick Svaljek.


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